Saint Joseph High School Website


Saint Joseph High School maintains a reputation for being the preeminent education choice in Victoria, Texas. It is the only private high school in the local region and it has a higher than average rate of graduates attending college, and a correspondingly higher average of Alumni with college degrees. Also, the Alumni are uncommonly active and influential, both with the school, and with the local area.

The Project

Saint Joseph’s Advancement Department was planning an overhaul of the school’s marketing materials, and needed a website that better matched their new campaign. From previous experiences, they had a specific set of requirements that needed to be worked within. The site had to be built using non-proprietary languages and tools. The web company had to be willing to work on the school’s existing web server without having shell access, they had to turn over all code and content for the site at the end of the project, and they needed to complete the site within 60 days of project start.

The website envisioned by the Advancement Department had a number of special requests and features that needed to work in specific ways. They wanted a homepage with dynamic or rotating content, news headlines, and an announcement system. They wanted an online calendar system that the entire school could use, an online store to support sales of memorabilia and fund raising items, department specific pages and permissions that would allow school personnel to maintain their own content for their classes, an online photo gallery to show off photos of recent events and historical data, and online applications for Enrollment and Employment.

Project Outcome

The completed project far exceeded the client’s expectations on all levels. Early “sneak peeks” generated large quantities of positive feedback, and the public reception of the website upon completion was so overwhelmingly positive, that the organization points to the website with a great deal of pride. The Advancement department that “went out on a limb” to get the site built gained a huge measure of recognition and gratitude, from the school as a whole, and the various administrative departments and supporters.

  • Dynamic Photos and Captions on the home page
  • Dynamic News and Events list on the home page
  • Announcement system on the home page
  • Interest Ads on inner pages to encourage site browsing
  • Content sections editable by department personnel
  • Online Calendar editable by department personnel
  • Online Store for memorabilia and fund raising
  • Online Photo Gallery with AJAX management interface
  • Online Form to PDF generators for Admissions and Employment
  • Masthead Graphic changeable per section by Client
  • Advanced User Management and Permissions system
  • Streamlined Content Creation tools
  • Form Builder with Autoresponders
  • META and Keyword data per section and page