VICTORIA, Texas (4/30/08) -- Ben Price, Agama Advertising's Production Manager, participated as a judge for Air Victoria's "On the Air" PSA contest. Local high school students created 30-second spots promoting cleaner air.

The winners of the contest were announced Wednesday night. The first place entry, an untitled spot by Profit Magnet High School students Hilton Le and Amiee Charbula, used stop animation to portray the harmfulness of smog.

"I loved it. I loved it. That was a very good spot," Ben Price said. "In my opinion, you had an excellent choice of music. It was plaintive, almost sad, but it had hope in it."

The second and third place entries, "Wash Me," by Memorial High School students Garrett Brown, Eric Zapata, James Dunn, Nastassia Trevino and Amanda Westmeyer, and "Night on the Town," by Profit Magnet High School students Logan Fitzgerald, Bryce Brown and Clayton Gillespie, were also
recognized. The top three spots will be aired on five local stations in both English and Spanish.

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