Warehousing and Distributing Terms and Conditions

Agama Advertising is often asked to store or warehouse client materials that are produced or printed by Agama. These materials are typically printed materials and promotional products, but may also include trade show booths, posters, banners and other marketing materials.  In addition, Agama will repackage and distribute these materials as requested.

Warehousing services are reserved for clients in which Agama has an established agency agreement or clients who order large volumes of materials with Agama on a regular or scheduled basis.  For these select clients, Agama will provide warehousing services at no charge.  Agama reserves the right to limit the amount stored based on available space and the length of storage to the term which Agama maintains a relationship with the client.  If client no longer wishes to retain Agama or order materials through Agama, client will have 30 days to pick-up their materials.  If materials are not picked up or other arrangements made within the 30 day period, Agama may dispose of materials as Agama sees fit.

For clients that have multiple locations, or need to distribute to multiple locations, Agama will provide a customer access portal on AgamaAdvertising.com for ordering of specific items.  Agama will charge a small service fee to package and ship stored items as well as expenses such as shipping boxes, packing materials and shipping expenses.  Service fees will vary based on the time required to pack and ship, but typically range from $10 to $25 per box plus shipping charges.

Agama will store most printed or promotional products on-site on a space available basis.  In addition to on-site storage, Agama maintains an off-site storage option.  Off-site storage is not climate controlled and is available on a space available basis.

Agama does not warrant its storage against theft, fire, flood, hurricane or acts of god or conditions beyond Agama’s control.  Client is welcome to pick-up any stored materials during normal business hours.  Agama reserves the right to change its warehousing and distribution polices at any time without notice or notification.