Agama Technology teams with Engage Learning to help teachers collaborate on curriculum
HOUSTON – Corpus Christi-based Engage Learning is an education consulting firm that helps schools use innovative approaches such as project based learning, where students gain knowledge by solving real world problems. However, they faced a challenge that needed a technological solution.

“We were looking for a way for several of our clients to collaborate in developing curriculum for project-based learning based on the curriculum and assessment standards for Texas,” said Shannon Buerk, chief learning officer at Engage Learning.

They found the solution from Agama Technology, the web and mobile application development branch of Houston-based Agama Advertising.

“We wanted a virtual solution that would allow teachers to develop curriculum using our design model, get feedback from other educators, and then make those resources available in a searchable environment,” she said.

The system also had to have an intuitive user interface so teachers could quickly master it and put it to use, she said.

And that is what Agama Technology developed for them from scratch.

“First, we sat down with the Engage Learning team to find out what they needed the new system to be able to accomplish,” said Steve Adams, manager of Agama Technology. “Then we scoped out the project so it would deliver a good user experience and also function flawlessly on the back end.”

The day the new system went online, some 300 users jumped on to take it for a test drive without a hiccup, Buerk said.

“You can’t say that about many other beta-level programs,” Buerk said.

The new system has been in operation for about a month and has already produced several creative new pieces of curriculum, Buerk said.

Agama Technology exists to create custom solutions for business challenges like the one that faced Engage Learning, said Bryant Price, president and CEO of Agama Advertising.

“The communications needs of businesses are as unique as the countless number of enterprises in America,” he said. “We started our technology wing to create tailored solutions for each of our clients’ communications needs.”

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