Web Designs

Agama Advertising offers many unique website designs that can be customized to fit your company’s look and feel. With our wide variety of choices, we can create an eye-catching, professional website for your business quickly and easily – with some packages, we can have you online within a few days.

Pre-made website designs have a reputation for being easily identifiable as templates and of relatively low graphics quality. A typical ‘cheap template’ website is usually designed to be extremely generic and is not very flexible in what it can do. Very often, they are a no-cost / low-cost solution. Many online services offer free website builders, and the output from these systems is one of these types of websites.

We offer an alternative solution to the ‘cheap template’ website. We begin by offering a wide selection of professional designs that can be adjusted with your logo, your preferred colors, and your pictures or stock photography. Our designs offer advanced page layout options such as 2 and 3 column designs, flexible menu systems, and accent imagery that brings added dimension to a website. Once we have customized one of these designs for you, no one will make the ‘it’s a cheap template’ comment about your site.

To top it off, our designs are backed by managed website systems that allow you to make your own changes, and that don’t lock you into a predefined number of pages. 1 page, 10 pages, 100 pages – however many pages you feel you need, you can have. These systems support adding files for download, adding links, adding pictures, and even videos. We offer a variety of add-ons to get you the features you want such as photo galleries, online calendars, blogs, user comments, forums, banner ads, user registration systems, and multi-level editing permissions.

It comes down to value, and our pre-made website designs are a great value. Take your website to the next level without the expense of a custom design that you can’t edit yourself. Review our designs to find your site. When you’re done, click the Select button below the image and fill out our information request form or give us a call. We’ll build you a site that’s perfect for your business.