Audio Production

Our audio production facility is centered around a 32-channel ProTools system for recording and editing and is regularly booked for audio-for-video projects, musical album demos, and legal audio clarification. We support both studio and on-location recording and also offer sound reinforcement equipment and personnel.

Our audio suite is ideal for your next television or radio V/O, dialog loop, musical recording, etc. Source material is recorded to DAT or directly to disk and digitally mastered on our computer-based editing station using the industry standard ProTools software. For mixing and mastering, we offer a nearly complete selection of Waves plug-ins (Platinum Bundle - including Gold, Masters, and Renaissance as well as the Restoration Bundle). Your finished project can then be output back to DAT, cassette, CD, video tape, computer disk, or even onto the Internet.

If your production needs background music or sound effects, Agama Production has three libraries of production music to choose from (over 250 CDs) and over 30 sound effects CDs-including the entire Hanna-Barbera cartoon SFX library. And if you can't find just the song or effect you're looking for, we can work with you to create a custom solution to your need.

Consulting & Installation

If you're not happy with your current audio set-up, know your PA needs something but you're not sure what, or even want to tear out everything and start from scratch . . . call us. We provide on-site inspection, consultation, and installation. We currently have systems installed and/or upgraded in religious, educational, and city government venues.