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Video Production

Our video production staff have coast-to-coast experience in single and multicamera situations and are comfortable shooting in a variety of situations including chemical plants, reality-style settings, corporate meetings, commercial shoots, and live events.


The Production Services Department is comfortable working in almost any situation. Our field experience ranges from aerial, to industrial, to medical and our average crew size is between two and five persons. We can, however, adjust the crew compliment to meet your specific budget / script requirements.

When working on full service productions, we use the storyboards, scene logs, and location guides created during pre-production to maintain a tight, efficient schedule and prevent wasted time and tape while on location.

Our standard crew includes two people, a Photographer and Grip / Gaffer. Additional personnel such as Director, Dolly grip, Make-up Artist, or extra PAs are available at an additional rate.

The Production Services Department can add a little realism to your next production with simple but accurate prosthetic make-up effects. From a simple cut to a disgusting head wound, our make-up artist will keep your program from having that "tomato paste" appearance.

Available equipment includes

*    3-chip camera w/ D-9, DVCPro, BetacamSP, or S-VHS/ VHS recorder
*    Two Tripods - standard and baby
*    8" Field monitor and 14" Client monitor
*    Wired and wireless lav and handheld microphones
(Shure, Audio Technica, Telex, Azden, & Samson)
*    13' K-tek Fishpole w/ Sennheiser shotgun mic & Rycote Softie
*    Century Optics Wide Angle Lens
*    Tiffen camera filters
*    Teleprompter (w/ 17" screen)
*    Matthews Dolly & Track
*    Jib (13 ft. max. camera height)
*    27,000 Watt Tungsten Lighting Package
*    Other miscellaneous attachments, reflectors, silks, patterns, c-stands, gels, dimmers, etc


Measuring approximately 450 sq. ft., our video production studio is perfect for small, staged training sessions or seminars, product shots, interview segments or "talking heads." It includes multiple 10' x 24' background curtains, or seamless white backdrop, and is also chroma key equipped.

Special equipment for production, such as a camera prompter or Matthews dolly, is available at an additional daily or hourly rate.

Custom sets can be built inside the studio for more elaborate productions and set furniture can be rented on a day-to-day basis.


The Production Department at Agama offers uncompressed, High Definition digital editing services. We have virtually unlimited layering capabilities, and can create mind-blowing effects, with superb first-generation video quality. Multiple channels of high-quality audio also allow us to add in music, narration, and natural sounds.

We can output your finished project to BluRay, DVD or traditional video tape, on CD-ROM for archival or multi-media purposes, or as a media file for the internet.

Our edit suites support tape-based media such at D-9 (w/ SDI), DVCPro, BetacamSP, S-VHS, and MiniDV and digital media including P2, DVCProHD, and other industry standard digital formats.


D-9, DVCPro, BetacamSP, S-VHS, VHS, VHS-C, 8 mm., & Hi-8 mm. to VHS and DVD duplication available. Duplication/conversion to DVD includes new DVD's and jewel cases. Most orders are completed within two to four working days. Larger quantities (250+) will be quoted as needed.

Your finished production can be duplicated and packaged in a variety of ways depending upon your distribution requirements. Agama Production can duplicate, custom-design labels, package, and ship your duplicated video according to your needs.