Event Production

Our event services combine the strengths of our other services and enable us to provide our clients a single source company for all audio/video/multimedia event needs. We pool resources from our different departments and equipment inventories to support sound, lighting, A/V, and signage which greatly simplifies the event planning process and allows for greater budgetary control.


How many times have you attended a function where the audio was terrible? Or had your presentation ruined because of distortion, feedback, or inexperienced service personnel? In live events, there is no second chance. An excellent presentation is worthless if the audience can't hear it or if the message is interrupted by noise or feedback.

The Production Services Department has extensive experience in providing live sound and we excell in NOT drawing attention to ourselves. We're accustomed to working with audiences from only a few to over 3,000 and can confidently deliver intelligible, distortion free sound for your event.

All turnkey sound systems come with an experienced sound engineer that will take responsibility for the quality of the audio presentation and be present throughout the event to ensure your needs are met. If, however, you are having a small meeting or outdoor event that doesn't require our direct support, we also offer stand-alone PA systems for rent.


One of the most often overlooked items for a meeting or event is lighting. Lighting sets the mood for an event and allows attendees to clearly see the speaker and head table participants. It can encourage people to dance, signal for their attention, and even lend credibility to your cause.

The Production Services Department works with you or your designated event coordinator to turn a regular meeting into an event and a mere exhibition into a production. Whether it's static stage wash PARs or DMX controlled, motorized ellipsoidals, we're prepared to make you look good.

Multimedia / Video

Most presentations aren't limited to just a speaker at a podium. PowerPoint shows, videos, and other visual aids are employed to increase the memorability of the message and to maintain the audience's attention. And, how these supporting items are conveyed to the audience impacts their effectiveness.

The Production Services Department supplies the equipment to seamlessly switch between computer graphics, video tape playback, and even live video (IMAG) and project it onto a screen for all of the audience to see. We work to ensure that everyone present has the best seat in the house.

Our ability to effectively accomplish this is rooted in location scouting and conscientious planning. Before an event, we create a floor plan that considers room orientation, room architecture, audience seating, and other potential snags (like catering, bar placement, etc.) and then make adjustments for equipment placement, personnel, and other items that you have identified as important. These to-scale drawings are provided to you and the event site as a guide for set-up. Through experience, these diagrams ultimately save time and provide a significantly more accurate example of how the room will actually appear than other normally hand drawn maps.

If your event needs to be recorded for documentation, for future broadcast, or for sale, the Production Services Department also offers single or multicamera recording services. We have coast to coast experience in producing turnkey A/V and multicamera events.