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Agama Advertising is an 18 year veteran of the media industry. We provide services for Broadcast, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Web, Animation, and Software Development. Price Video is credited with numerous awards (Telly's, ADDY's, Aurora Awards etc.) for technical achievement and creative excellence in the industry. We have national and worldwide accounts that cover all aspects of media services. We consider ourselves to be a great fit for talented career oriented geeks, creatives, and A/V junkies.

We are always looking for talented individuals. Our team is diverse with a wide range of skills and experience and we accept candidates with very little work history as well as candidates that are seasoned professionals.

We appreciate your interest in Agama Advertising and look forward to your responses to our standard application.

Agama Advertising . Standard Application for Employment

Please ensure that all 6 pages of the application are fully completed before submitting.

Position: General Office
Pay Range: Base Salary from $14,000 to $28,000 Depending on Experience
Emphasis on: (please check your primary interest(s))

Accounting Assistant
Human Resources Manager
Media Coordinator
Production Coordinator
Sales - Advertising
Sales - Creative Services
Sales - Web and Programming
Sales Manager
Video Editor
Production Crew

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Contact Information

Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Zip Code

Resume Information

Attach Your Resume as MS Word Doc or Adobe PDF (2mb limit)
Personal Website   Portfolio Website
Copy/Paste Resume as plain text (optional)
* If you were not able to attach your resume with this online form, Please fax your resume with a cover letter that states the date you filled out and submitted this online form. If you have not filled out this online form, we will not accept your resume as a specific application to the available position. Fax number is 361-572-3894

Education Types: Formal On the Job Training Self Taught
Degrees or Certifications:

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Employment History
Current Employer
Current Position
Reason For Leaving
Months Employed
Average Hours Worked per Week
Hourly Pay

Any Special Comments Regarding This Employer or Your Position (Job Responsibilities) with this Employer?

Last Employer
Reason For Leaving
Months Employed
Average Hours Worked per Week
Hourly Pay

Any Special Comments Regarding This Employer or Your Position (Job Responsibilities) with this Employer?
Note to Applicant - Please provide additional employment history in your resume.

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General Questions
Can you lift up to 50 pounds? YES NO
Have you ever had a felony violation or been arrested? YES NO
If yes, please explain
Have you had a moving violation in the past 5 years? YES  NO
If yes, please explain

By filling out this form, you acknowledge Agama Advertising has a strict policy against drugs and does not permit drug use in the work place and you may be subject to random drug testing. Do you acknowledge our drug usage policy?

Your Previous work environments were typically:

Calm Busy
Chaotic High Stress
Low Stress Very Demanding
Self Managed Repetitive
Regularly Required Change Required Very Little Change

You typically enjoy working in:
Large Teams Small Teams
Alone Close Contact with Customer
Close Contact with Supervisor Limited Contact with Customer
Limited Contact with Supervisor Problem Solving Projects
Task Oriented Projects Leadership Roles
Team Playing Roles Large Company
Small Company

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Computer and Software Proficiency
Do you consider yourself a
PC User Only Mac User Only Mac and PC User but Prefer PC Mac and PC User but Prefer Mac

Please describe the computer you are used to working on (speed, monitor, tablet, etc.)

Please indicate your user experience with a computer: 
I can open and use programs.
I can install and upgrade software programs.
I can configure and customize software programs.
I have used/edited/saved files across a network of computers.
I have successfully installed peripherals such as scanners, printers, cameras, etc. on my own.
I can troubleshoot and resolve peripheral problems on my own.
I can install and troubleshoot hardware such as network cards, sound cards etc.
I can build a custom computer.

Please indicate your experience with the following tools and environments on a scale of 0 to 5. (0: never used, 1: used it but don't really know it, 2: average user, 3: advanced user, 4: advanced user and could train a novice, 5: I consider myself an expert)

Adobe Photoshop MS Word
Adobe Illustrator MS PowerPoint
Adobe After Effects MS Excel
Adobe Indesign MS Publisher
Adobe PageMaker MS Front Page
Quark Express DVD Studio Pro
Macromedia Dreamweaver Lightwave 3D
Macromedia Freehand Boris Effects
Director Media 100
Macromedia Flash Final Cut Pro
Corel Draw Pro Tools
Corel Paint

Using the scale from above, please note any other tools and environments you might be familiar with.
ASP.NET ColdFusion
XML Linux
JavaScript CSS
Visual Basic Access
C++ File Maker

Please provide any additional software you would like to indicate experience with:

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What makes you an ideal candidate for this position? :

What do you know about Agama Advertising? :

If applying for sales, please indicate your current sales volume and what it takes to maintain your sales :

If applying for Manager, please indicate the number of people you manage and what your core responsibilities are as well as some of your career highlights or successes :

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According to the position you are applying for:
What type of training and experience qualifies you for this position?

Please describe your most complex project. Include hours worked on it, major tasks of project and elements of the project that made it complex:

Other Experience if Appropriate:

I have done the following:
Advertising Agency Printing Company
TV Station Radio Station
Billboard Company Specialty Products Company
Event Production Company Web / Technology Company
School District Corporate IT Department

I have worked for the following:
Search Engine Optimization Created Online Advertising Programs
Sold Software Development Sold Website Development
Coordinated / Managed Software Projects Worked as a Team Leader
Worked on Commercial Software projects Created Database Enabled Websites
Created Music Electronically on Computer Played a Musical Instrument

By submitting this application you understand and agree to the following: 1) This is not in any way an offer for employment and thus does not create an employment contract. 2) There is a drug use policy and that if hired, you are subject drug testing. 3) All information provided here was correct and complete to the best of your knowledge.

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Please ensure that all 6 pages of the application are fully completed before submitting.