Frequency of Impressions

Advertising isn’t just about having the right message: it’s about how many times your target audience hears your message and how well they remember it.

Frequency of impressions helps establish your message in your audiences’ minds. Most people need to hear a piece of information somewhere between 3 and 21 times until it is successfully recalled in their memory. Therefore, if your commercial, radio spot, or newspaper ad isn’t running often enough or in combination with other media, you aren’t allowing your audience enough frequency to engage with and remember your brand or your message.

Impressions don’t have to be achieved solely through media or similar outlets. Business cards, stationery, printed brochures or collateral, promotional items, and other such items count as an impression of your brand delivered to your audience. In combination with your traditional or nontraditional advertising, you can present your brand to your audience multiple times, and make it more likely that they’ll remember you.

However, even frequent impressions can be useless without consistency. In order for your multiple exposures to your audience to be useful, the consumers must be able to recognize each and every impression as being part of the same brand.